Think Sound helps retired pony back to her cheeky self.

There is nothing more satisfying than hearing about how one of our equine supplements has made a difference to horse and owner. Think Sound, our highly specified equine joint supplement has brought comfort and well being to many horses, particularly those at retirement age. Here is a testimonial from one of our Carluke customers about her retired Pony, Fern,

“I just wanted to say how pleased I am with Think Sound. Fern, my 13 year old ex-jumping pony had to be retired due to a torn ligament, which never healed, despite Veterinary treatment and laser therapy.”

“In the winter Fern got really bad stiffness in her bad leg (which the vet warned us would happen eventually) which caused her a great deal of pain and it got to the stage where she stopped bucking, running and doing all the things she loved, even walking she was very sore and when she stood up after lying down she would hold her leg up in pain. It was a horrible thing to see happening to her, as she always looked so sad and sore. We had been giving her cod liver oil and a few other supplements, which clearly weren’t doing very much for her so we started giving her 2 sachets of Bute a day, which helped the pain a bit, but she was still really stiff and unhappy.”

“So then my Dad heard of Think Sound and we tried it. For the first two weeks we fed her at the high feeding level, gradually phasing out the Bute. We noticed a difference after just one week, after 4 weeks she was no longer on Bute and back to her old self, bucking and galloping about the school. I am so pleased to have my cheeky pony back, and hope that her retirement can now be a happy one, thanks to Think Sound.” From S.W in Carluke.

If you have any questions relating to joint care, retired horses or Think Sound, please call Equi-Clinic on 01363 77 5115,


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