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Key benefits of Think Pink

  • Glossy Coat

    Helps maintain condition and bloom.

  • Digestive Support

    Helps prevent acid build up, gut irritation and stress reactions.

  • Reduces Stress

    When travelling, competing, around worming or a change in diet.


Digestive supplement for horses

It can be difficult to make sure that your horse is receiving adequate vitamins and minerals especially if less than the manufacturers recommendation of concentrate is fed or your horse is on a forage only diet – this is where a feed balancer comes into play.

If the diet is unbalanced your horse is unlikely to thrive. The horse’s digestive system is also incredibly sensitive to a busy competition schedule, stress and hard work and these can all affect condition, performance and health.

Think Pink will ensure your horse is at the very pinnacle of health whilst remaining incredibly cost effective to feed. The formula includes broad spectrum vitamins and minerals, specially selected probiotics for a healthy digestive system, and pure linseed oil for coat condition. Fed everyday, Think Pink will help to maintain the natural micro-flora of the gut for optimum digestion and health, balance the diet and ensure an optimum supply of essential nutrients to help promote natural condition, vitality and a glossy coat.

Key benefits of Think Pink:

  • Protected probiotic, enables more of the live yeast cells that are ingested by the horse to reach the hindgut, making it much more effective at supporting the health of the digestive system than other yeasts. Improves feed utilisation and fibre digestion to promote condition and the well-being of your horse and pocket.
  • Contains acid buffers to maintain a healthy pH within the gut; particularly important when the horse may be stressed by competing, travelling etc.
  • Versatile, concentrated powder; can be used as a long term broad spectrum supplement or as a short term ‘pick-me-up’ without contributing to the energy content of the diet.

Suitable for:

All classes of equine, including youngstock and pregnant mares.

Feeding guidelines:

There is no initial loading rate with this product. Mix with a damp feed, gradually building up to the required rate over seven days.

Feed balancer daily rate:

  • Horses: 1 scoop
  • Ponies: 1/2 scoop

Pick me up daily rate:

  • Horses: 2 scoops
  • Ponies: 1 scoop

This can be divided between feeds if preferred. A 60ml scoop contains approximately 50g

Days supply:

  • 2Kg will last one horse 40 days.
  • 10Kg will last one horse 200 days.

Prohibited substances:

This product is BETA NOPS approved.

Key Ingredients:

vitamins, minerals, trace elements, lithothamn, linseed oil, live yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae)

1 review for Think Pink

  1. Lucy Bellamy

    I’ve used think pink for the first time over the winter, not many supplements make it past tub 2 due to not seeing many results , this winter my horse has kept weight on for the first time , has got a shine to her groan coat and her mane and tail are noticeably softer . shes remained calm and pleasant too . and have been able to reduce her hard feed to less than 2 thirds . Thank you !!!!

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