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Key benefits of Think Fly® Spray


    Reduce the nuisance of many other outdoor irritants


    Effective natural active ingredients


    Designed with both horse and rider in mind


Think Fly® Spray is an innovative, organic insect repellent. The ready to use spray provides a powerful mist of long lasting, natural active ingredients with a balanced pH to also help reduce skin irritation giving you peace of mind even with the most sensitive equines.

Is your horse easily irritated by biting insects?

Think Fly® Spray contains our patented PST22 Polysulphide Technology®. Using this patented ingredient ensures that every batch is as effective as the last. The actives within this technology are at least 3 times more effective than similar products on the current market that use garlic oil as a base. This technology is one of a kind and exclusive to the Brinicombe Group and is a globally unique technology. Think Fly® Spray will not only help deter flies from your horse but also reduce the nuisance of many other outdoor irritants, allowing your horse to feel more comfortable and less irritated during the sticky summer months. 


Why is Think Fly® spray best for your horse?

At Brinicombe Equine, we believe it is important to reduce the need for chemicals within the industry. Organic products are not only becoming more desirable as our knowledge on the environment improves, but they also carry many health benefits. That is why Think Fly® Spray, much like our other products, consists of a natural blend of organic ingredients. The spray contains a balance of lemongrass and our very own PST22® technology, which are both 100% natural components designed with both horse and rider in mind.

Suitable for:

All classes of equine, for external use only.


Always complete a patch test before use. Topical application only.
SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. Apply evenly to the whole or exposed areas of the body. Apply according to insect challenge.

Key Ingredients:

Patented PST22 Polysulphide Technology®, Cymbopogon citratus

6 reviews for Think Fly® Spray

  1. John Gale

    Think Fly Spray is the only fly spray that actually works, lasts all day (yes, honestly, all day), has helped resolve sweet itch and our horse is not allergic to thanks to the all natural ingredients.
    The spray gun is quite aggressive so you need to apply with a fast sweeping motion as you don’t need to soak the horse/pony in Think Fly Spray and if you follow this procedure it is a really economical product.

  2. Roosa’s Horsey Life

    I’m very impressed with it! I can’t explain how much of a relief it is to find something as powerful as this without it causing an allergic reaction to Melisse, so I can definitely recommend this product for people with sensitive horses

  3. Fiona Murray. The Scottish Equestrian

    I really like this fly spray!Its organic, it has a lovely garlic smell rather than the chemical smell that a lot of fly sprays have and finally it works! I would definitely buy more in the future when my current bottle runs out!

  4. Hazel Wood

    Great Product, I was very impressed with how well it worked, It has the weirdest smell of any fly spray I have ever used but boy does it work. My youngster has major problems with flies and Midges inparticular getting into his feathers and bitting him but this spray works wonders.

  5. Alison, East Sussex via Haynet

    As a 100% natural organic insect repellent, I was keen to see if it would be effective against midges and flies in the recent hot weather. It boasts of being long lasting and it is true to say that you can still smell the product after 24 hours. The smell is strong but it is not unpleasant.

    Flies did not seem to be a problem after application but the effect on midges seemed to be disappointingly short lived. The nozzle is a slightly different pump design to the sprays I have had before, it is a trigger. It is much nicer to use and did not get blocked at all with the product. I would definitely use Think Fly® Spray later in the season, especially when the flies are more of a problem.

  6. Review by

    We noticed its effectiveness over a period of several hours, which means it was keeping the flies away after just one application. That’s money-saving too, because you can economise on its use. A quick spray first thing and your horse is set for the day, which is great if you have a stable close to water and flies are a daily problem.

    Brinicombe claims that 97% of users were satisfied with the product, and 91% thought Think Fly Spray was ‘much better’ or ‘better’ than other fly sprays. We can’t really fault it, and it is certainly effective. They also claim it deters lice and parasites like ticks, which we can’t corroborate but that’s a bonus from a fly repellent.

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