Think Fly® Spray

500ml Easy Spray Bottle

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Key benefits of Think Fly® Spray


    Reduce the nuisance of many other outdoor irritants


    Effective natural active ingredients


    Designed with both horse and rider in mind


Think Fly® Spray is an innovative, organic insect repellent. The ready to use spray provides a powerful mist of long lasting, natural active ingredients with a balanced pH to also help reduce skin irritation giving you peace of mind even with the most sensitive equines.

Is your horse easily irritated by biting insects?

Think Fly® Spray contains our patented PST22 Polysulphide Technology®. Using this patented ingredient ensures that every batch is as effective as the last. The actives within this technology are at least 3 times more effective than similar products on the current market that use garlic oil as a base. This technology is one of a kind and exclusive to the Brinicombe Group and is a globally unique technology. Think Fly® Spray will not only help deter flies from your horse but also reduce the nuisance of many other outdoor irritants, allowing your horse to feel more comfortable and less irritated during the sticky summer months. 


Why is Think Fly® spray best for your horse?

At Brinicombe Equine, we believe it is important to reduce the need for chemicals within the industry. Organic products are not only becoming more desirable as our knowledge on the environment improves, but they also carry many health benefits. That is why Think Fly® Spray, much like our other products, consists of a natural blend of organic ingredients. The spray contains a balance of lemongrass and our very own PST22® technology, which are both 100% natural components designed with both horse and rider in mind.

Suitable for:

All classes of equine, for external use only.


Always complete a patch test before use. Topical application only.
SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. Apply evenly to the whole or exposed areas of the body. Apply according to insect challenge.

Key Ingredients:

Patented PST22 Polysulphide Technology®, Cymbopogon citratus


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