Brinicombe Equine launches organic fly spray with unique patented technology

Devon-based nutritional equine specialist Brinicombe Equine has launched a new fly spray that takes a scientific approach to deterring flies and other parasites. Think Fly Spray is a natural, organic spray, and part of the successful range of Think products for horse owners and breeders.

Launched ready for the summer season, Think Fly Spray utilises the Denis Brinicombe Group’s patented PST22 technology to deter flying insects. Its organic ingredients with zero added chemicals means that it’s kind and safe for horses, their riders and for the environment.

Managing Director Keith Greig says the company soft-launched and tested the product through the summer of 2019 with outstanding results. “Our consumer tests have revealed that 97% of users were satisfied with the product, and 91% thought Think Fly Spray was ‘much better’ or ‘better’ than other fly sprays.

“We believe it is at least 3 times more effective at deterring flying insects than similar products on the market that use garlic. Garlic itself has limited repellent characteristics – based mainly on aroma. Most sprays tend to mix up ingredients but they’re not as effective as they could be. To really deter flies and other biting insects, we needed to dig deeper – and capture and stabilise polysulphides within garlic.”

Keith continues: “We started developing our PST22 Polysulphide Technology almost 20 years ago and have established a process that captures, stabilises and unifies these powerful polysulphides, plant extracts often described as ‘nature’s defence’. We extract 22 chain lengths of polysulphides that actively deter parasites, and the ingredient is already being used in our horse feeds to great effect.

“With our new fly spray we have been able to combine PST22 with other active ingredients that can be topically applied to the skin and other fly sensitive areas. It’s 100% natural and provides biological activity that impacts parasites more effectively.”

Available in a handy 500ml easy spray bottle, Think Fly Spray has a pleasant aroma – making it the ideal product to use during a summer hack as well as through the peak fly season.

Keith adds: “We have used PST22 for some time in our Think feed range for horses and animals, meaning it’s completely food safe. As a feed PST22 really works and is being used globally to deter parasites like flies and ticks on horses and other livestock, and most recently in poultry.

“We’re now participating in a £300,000 research project to see if our polysulphide technology could be a sustainable solution to the problem of parasites in farmed fish.”

Think Fly Spray complements Brinicombe Equine’s existing Think feeds and Herbilix product ranges and is available to purchase online now.


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