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Choosing the right equine supplement to support your horses winter feeding can be a mine field. Here are our top 5 reasons why a supplements containing live yeast can really benefit your horse:

Helps maintain condition throughout winter

If the horse gets more out of his feed, it will be easier to maintain his weight. The fermentation of fibre in the gut produces Volatile Fatty Acids, which the horse can use for energy. Promoting the healthy, fibre digesting bacteria will increase the amount of VFAs produced.

Maintains a stable pH in the gut to help prevent acidosis

Live yeast discourages the growth of the lactic-acid producing bacteria, therefore stabilising the pH and preventing acidosis.

Helps the production of good bacteria to thrive for a healthy gut

Live yeast uses up the oxygen in the gut, therefore encouraging the growth of the good bacteria which require a low oxygen environment.

Helps the horse to get more out of the food he is eating, especially forage

Horses rely on bacteria to ferment the fibre and break down the cellulose in grazing and forage. By maintaining the optimum gut environment, the horse will be able to digest his food more efficiently so more is absorbed and less is wasted.

A real money saver!

Your horse will maintain condition more easily  on forage based feeds, making  less requirement for hard feed.  Think Pink costs just £13.25 for 50 days supply –that’s just 26 pence per day. If you are spending around £10 per bag on horse feed, adding another scoop (1.5kg) could cost you an extra 75p per day.

If you would like to ask a question about Think Pink, live yeast or winter feeding please contact the Equi-Clinic on 01303 775 115.


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