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Key benefits of HerbiLIX Flystop

  • Essential Nutrients

    Helps ensure an optimum level of key nutrients for health and vitality.

  • Less than 10% Sugar

    Kind to the waistline and safe for laminitics.

  • Source of Multivitamins

    Aid the prevention of vitamin deficiencies.


Would you and your horse welcome a low sugar, easy answer to reduce fly nuisance and midge bites?

Fly problems and midge bites on horses cause no end of nuisance for both horse and rider. Serious discomfort and stress are easily avoidable by selecting the correct equine supplements. HerbiLIX covers the popular range of low sugar horse licks from Brinciombe Equine.

HerbiLIX Flystop is a solid, low sugar lick designed to reduce fly problems and midge bites on horses. When consumed, HerbiLIX Flystop works naturally through the body’s system to create an invisible shield-like effect all over your horse, providing full, 24-hour comfort from fly nuisance. Containing the unique herbal fly dispersant, Repel-Ex, this totally natural formula is rich in herbs and essential oils with MSM, zinc and trace elements to support a healthy skin and coat.

  • HerbiLIX Flystop is ideal for horses kept at grass or not given a hard feed.
  • This method of feeding allows the horse 24 hour access to the nutrients, so horses can help themselves to everything they need.
  • The unique formula and manufacturing methods ensure that the product is extremely palatable, whilst containing less than 8% sugar.
  • HerbiLIX Flystop contains no artificial colours or flavours.
  •  Safely for horses prone to weight gain or laminitis due to its low NSC content.

NB: HerbiLIX Flystop also provides broad spectrum vitamins and minerals to meet all the needs of the horse at grass in a single product.

HerbiLIX Flystop was previously known as for Think Fly Lick.

Suitable for:

All horses and ponies, including those prone to laminitis and weight gain due to low NSC content.

Feeding guidelines:

Remove the lid and place in the field or stable. You may remove the handle if you wish.

This is a free access product so intake rates will vary between individuals. Expected intake is approximately 200g per day.

Days supply:

  • 8Kg will last one horse between 1-2 months depending on rate of intake.

Prohibited substances:

HerbiLIX are not within our BETA NOPS accreditation. Our HerbiLIX licks do not include any ingredients which are considered as prohibited substances, nor, to the best of our knowledge have any HerbiLIX licks caused a positive drug test.

Key Ingredients:

Key ingredients: vitamins, minerals, trace elements, herbs & spices, garlic, cider apple vinegar, methyl sulphonyl methane

Analysis: Contains less than 8% sugar

1 review for HerbiLIX Flystop

  1. Hazel Wood (verified owner)

    I’m now on my second bucket of this and my 2 love it, there was a noticeable difference in the number of flies and midges that were biting them. as soon as the lick was finished they were being plagued again. Using it with the Think Itch for my hairy cob who’s itchy legs normally drive him banana’s has give my boy so much relief, serious reduction in the amount of foot stamping and itching.

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