HerbiLIX Airways

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Key benefits of HerbiLIX Airways

  • Less than 10% Sugar

    Kind to the waistline and safe for laminitics.

  • Respiratory Support

    Relieves congestion to help reduce problems.

  • Contains Garlic

    Natural support for a healthy respiratory and immune system.


Respiratory support for horses in a low sugar lick

Respiratory problems in horses can present significant challenges. Maintaining a healthy respiratory system is crucial for your horse as airborne dust and pollen can create significant discomfort. Good management practises, such as avoiding dusty hay are paramount, but you can support your horse nutritionally, helping to keep him breathing clearly with HerbiLIX Airways.

The unique formula and manufacturing methods ensure that the product is extremely palatable, whilst containing less than 8% sugar. HerbiLIX Airways contains no artificial colours or flavours and can safely be given to horses prone to weight gain or laminitis.

HerbiLIX Airways is a healthy and convenient lick designed to support the health of the respiratory system. As well as a full complement of vitamins and minerals, HerbiLIX Airways contains powerful ingredients to help maintain a clear respiratory system; when licking the surface the horse will inhale powerful vapours of Eucalyptus and Menthol. Garlic, thyme, liquorice and vitamin C are also included for their nutritional benefits.

Key benefits of HerbiLIX Airways:

  • Low sugar and low molasses formula containing less than 8% sugar, HerbiLIX are non sticky and mess free whilst remaining extremely palatable. They are kind to the waist line and even safe for laminitics due to their low NSC content.
  • Balanced source of vitamin and minerals ensuring access to a level of vitamins and minerals to support health and vitality.
  • Eucalyptus and menthol powerful vapours to support clear airways.
  • Garlic, thyme, liquorice and vitamin C, for nutritional support of the respiratory system.
  • Devon BankTM herbs, a blend of healthy herbs to put natural herbage back in the modern horse’s diet.
  • Encourages natural trickle feeding, helping to minimize boredom for stabled horses and subsequent stereotypical behaviour such as crib biting.

Suitable for:

All horses and ponies, including those prone to weight gain an laminitis due to low NSC content.

Feeding guidelines:

Remove the lid and place in the field or stable. You may remove the handle if you wish.

This is a free access product so intake rates will vary between individuals. Expected intake between 200-500g per day.

Days supply:

  • 8Kg will last one horse between 2 – 6 weeks depending on rate of intake.

Prohibited substances:

HerbiLIX are not within our BETA NOPS accreditation. Our HerbiLIX licks do not include any ingredients which are considered as prohibited substances, nor, to the best of our knowledge have any HerbiLIX licks caused a positive drug test.

Key Ingredients:

vitamins, minerals, trace elements, garlic, eucalyptus, menthol

Analysis: Contains less than 8% sugar (as sucrose).

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