Honours road to recovery with Foot Perfect and Think Calm.

It’s a scary time when your horse requires an operation to correct a problem. And the follow up care provided by the owner is essential to a successful recovery.  We love hearing about how our products have helped horses recover after an operation. Everyone loves a happy ending after all! Here is what Clare had to say after she selected Think Complete and Foot Perfect Hoof Supplement for her horse Honour, at this crucial time:

At just 4 years old, Honour underwent an operation to remove a suspected keratoma. This meant having a large section of her hoof removed and she would require box rest until the area hardened off allowing it to be filled and re-shod. It was obviously paramount to encourage hoof growth as quickly as possible. As Honour was on box rest and only a small amount of hard feed she was fed a combination of Think Complete & Foot Perfect to ensure she had everything in her diet to keep her healthy, and encourage strong, healthy hoof growth.

After 3 months Honour had made great progress and was allowed to be turned out with her friends for the first time in months.  The second photo shows Honour after 6 months (Feb 2015), when she has been given the all clear to start ridden work again. Said Clare ‘..my farrier is really impressed with her hoof growth, especially at this time of the year. Thank you for all your support & for a fantastic product…’

If you have any questions about hoof care or ways you can support your horses diet after an operation, please contact the Equi-Clinic on 01303 775 115.






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