Hunt season hoof care

How Harry got strong hooves ready for Hunt Season.

Hoof care has a major influence on equine health, fitness and athletic potential, particularly during hunt season. Providing a nutritionally balanced diet fortified with biotin ensures that the horse can grow good quality hoof horn, resistant to repeated shoeing and work on hard surfaces. Biotin is required for the synthesis of keratin, and the lipids which help cement hoof horn to improve its structural integrity.

Biotin in a readily available form supports strong hooves that grow at the optimum rate, with a reduced tendency for cracking and splitting. We were thrilled when we heard Martha’s story of how our zinc and biotin rich Foot Perfect Hoof Supplement helped her hunt horse, Harry on his road to recovery and maintained his hoof condition throughout hunt season.

Harry, a 14 year old hunter suffered a sever over-reach which damaged the coronet band. This resulted in very poor, weak hoof growth which would grow and split, changing the structure of his hoof. After several months, a biotin supplement and 2 operations he was shod with a bar-shoe and turned out to grass, but unable to come back into work until the hoof corrected itself.

After 3 months of feeding Foot Perfect Hoof Supplement, we were pleased to learn that Harry was sound, shod and hunting again. The farrier confirmed that this hoof was now growing in a much more correct manor, and although still misshapen there was plenty of new growth.

Six months on Harry’s owner Martha kindly gave us another update (Feb 2015): “I can honestly say the product itself has been fantastic. Not only has it helped Harry’s bad foot to re-grow but it has hugely improved the quality of his feet in general. We’ve noticed he hasn’t lost any shoes since using the product and our farrier says his feet are significantly stronger. The product is certainly better than using biotin alone and I would definitely recommend using Foot Perfect!

One month on, Martha came back to us with another update and a picture of Harry’s foot after a full hunting season and 6 months of Foot Perfect in his feed. Martha said “Although the crack is still there the foot is significantly stronger. Originally the hind quarter moved separately to the rest of his foot, however now it appears that the hoof has knitted itself back together from the inside-out and that the foot is functioning correctly and sturdily. Thank you so much for all your help, both the farrier and I really do believe the product has helped…”

If you have any questions regarding hoof care or ways you can nutritionally support your horse through hunt season, please contact the Equi-Clinic on 01363 775 115.

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