Equine breathing problems? We have the secret weapon for your horse.

Respiratory problems in horses can cause no end of trouble, so finding the right solution can be a real game changer. When selecting a breathing supplement for your horse it is important to consider not only how it can tackle the problem, but how it can prevent it from reoccurring. This is all about looking after your horses immunity as well – not just looking for a quick fix.

Think Clear is a palatable granular mixture for horses with a sensitive respiratory system. The targeted active ingredients support your horses breathing by opening the airways and clearing mucus. Formulated with natural antioxidants and herbs to maintain a healthy immune system. This is the ideal supplement to help your horse’s airways to cope with stable dust and dry forage.

But don’t just take our word for it – here is a round up of what some of our customers have to say:

“We use your products for our sheep so Think Clear was an obvious choice for my horse. She is a head shaker who has previously had tablets and an inhaler from the vet but nothing helped. She ate the Think Clear readily and I have seen gradual improvement since feeding it. I would say that she is now 75% better than she was.” From C.K. in Devon

“My 22 year old’s breathing problem baffled the vets! I tried Think Clear which she ate happily and I was entirely happy with it after one moth. Think Clear prevented the need for endoscope examination and saved on vet bills!” From J.P. in Scotland.

“I visited your stand at the Devon county Show, and you recommended Think Clear for my horse as he was just getting over a cold. It cleared him up in days and got rid of his coughing, but not only that, I was also told by my Vet that he has weak nasal cavities so he gets lots of discharge when in the stable and especially when ridden. Think Clear has also cleared this when he’s in the stable and reduced the discharge when ridden. It is truly amazing and smells great!” From C.S. in Devon

“I choose Think Clear because my cob has a hacking cough when stabled in the winter. He ate Think Clear in his feed quite happily and I saw an improvement almost immediately. I was entirely satisfied with the product after a month – he has only coughed twice since ad that was last night when he was fed hay.” From P.P. Devon


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