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Start your supplements early…
If you plan to try the nutritional route, and feed a supplement like Think Fly this summer, for best results you should start feeding it BEFORE the flies are causing a problem. Introducing at low feeding rates in spring will allow the ingredients to gradually build up in the system before the flies really become a nuisance in June/July. It is never too late to start feeding Think Fly, but customer feedback from the last 12 years tell us that the best results are achieved when it is fed before the problems start.

Ride early in the morning and be grateful for rain!
If your horse really hates working when the flies are about, try riding early in the morning or in the evening, it will be cooler then too. The morning is probably best as the midges tend to be worse at dusk. A ride before work will set you up for the rest of the day, and if it is raining – get on out in it and enjoy! There will be no flies, but rather a lot of tack to clean…

Invest in a field shelter…
Horses will naturally seek shelter from the flies and sun. If your field has no natural cover from trees, he will be very grateful for a shelter if he is staying out all day in the summer.

A problem shared is a problem halved…
Horses are herd creatures. Not only so they have more chance of spotting predators, but also because problems like parasites will be shared between them, and several flicking tails are better than one. Having a companion so they can stand nose to tail, and giving more than one target for the flies could increase their comfort while grazing.

Did you know Think Fly was the first equine feed supplement designed to reduce fly nuisance?
When consumed, Think Fly will work naturally through the body’s system to create an invisible shield-like effect all over your horse, providing 24-hour comfort from fly nuisance, seven days a week. Think Fly granules are dust free and can safely be added to any combination of feed or supplements. Using granules allows you to accurately control the feeding rate to suit the individual horse.

Key benefits of Think Fly:
• Our unique, herbal fly dispersant, Repel-Ex™, combines 15 different herbs and spices which when consumed exude an aroma through the pores in the skin to deter biting flies and midges.
• Methyl sulphonyl methane (MSM), a source of bio-available sulphur, supports the strength and health of the skin
• Our unique Devon BankTM herbs put traditional herbs back into the modern horse’s diet.
• Essential trace elements, including zinc to support healthy skin and coat.

• Herbs & spices, methyl sulphonyl methane, cider apple vinegar, nicotinic acid


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