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Our new Friday offer is the perfect excuse to stock up on supplements for Autumn. We are offering a free Foot Perfect Hoof Spray on all orders over £50 every Friday excluding delivery. #HoofSprayFriday

Foot Perfect Hoof Spray is an anti-bacterial spray for the maintenance of hoof wellbeing

Hoof care is an essential part of being a responsible horse owner. The most common hoof complaints are often caused by external factors which can be difficult to control. Poor hoof hygiene can allow relatively minor conditions to progress to a state when the hooves become difficult or impossible to shoe. These may necessitate quite invasive farriery work leaving the soft parts of the hoof unprotected and exposed.


  • Used and endorsed by farriers all over the UK
  • Recommended for a whole host of hoof complaints to cleanse the hoof and sole
  • Specially designed bottle for easy handle and the liquid formulation allows the active ingredients to penetrate all the cracks and crevices


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