Shire horse recovers from sweet itch

Too big for a sweet itch rug! How Harvey the Shire Horse found alternative allergy relief

Harvey, a registered Shire Horse., 17.3hh, 7 year old gelding was suffering badly from midge bite allergies.  After trying lotions, injections and attempts with a sweet itch rug, it was Think Itch that came to the rescue. Harvey’s owner explains his story;

“He has a perfect temperament both to ride and drive but has been blighted by allergies, and due to this has been retired for most of the year. Harvey suffers from severe itching and also headshakes which is worsened by midges.  We have tried various lotions and potions and steroid injections but to no avail. My best success is a sweet itch rug but as he is so big it is hard to get a good fit. I find the rugs are effective where they provide cover but around Harveys face, sheath and legs he will scratch and kick himself causing open bleeding wounds. Throughout the winter all of this clears up and Harvey grows a lovely winter coat.  His hair around his face and eyes also grows back and he looks a picture of health.The headshaking, which I think is a different issue, is pretty much all year round and is affected by rain, wind, exercise and midges, but I do find a nose net helps a great deal.”

After Think Itch was added to his feed, things started to improve for Harvey;

“Harvey is doing really well. We are feeding Think Itch and applying an itch cream around his face and sheath area.  He has rubbed a little around the face but still a huge improvement. He still has a full forelock and no bleeding sores.  His overall skin health has improved and hasn’t got the scurfy skin that he used to have. He is relaxed and much happier in himself. Since starting Think Itch Harvey hasn’t had any episodes of headshaking and although I am still riding him with a nose net, I have never experienced him being so relaxed. I have started trotting him and exercise does not seem to be aggravating him as yet which it has in the past. I am spreading the word on how Think Itch is helping Harvey and a friend of mine, who is a vet, contacted me to ask for details to recommend to a client.Thank you so much for your help with Harvey.”

If you have any questions relating to Shire Horses or allergies please contact the mineral clinic on 01363 775 115


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