How Foot Perfect took Clares horse Sandy from box rest to healthy hooves.

We have all heard the saying ‘no hoof no horse’,  which all responsible horse owner will understand the importance of. Feeding a targeted hoof care supplement is one way to nutritionally approach this topic. When Clares horse Sandy was suffering from his poor hoof condition, she approached the Equi-Clinic for advice.

Sandy had been on several weeks of box rest, and at the stage where a glue-on shoe never seemed to stay on for long and it was felt that the only way to prevent further damage was to keep him stabled. Sandy was fed a feed balancer but his hoof growth was always slow so Clare switched him to a hoof supplement, but after speaking with the Equi-Clinic she started feeding him Foot Perfect Hoof Supplement.

Foot Perfect Hoof Supplement uses an advanced formula targeted  for hoof integrity, combining traditional remedies with the latest technical innovation.  The ideal equine supplement for supporting strong hooves that grow at their optimum rate, reducing the tendency for cracking and splitting so that shoes may be retained for longer.

The targeted formula contains 20mg of biotin per dose, which research shows has a beneficial level for improving the growth of strong, healthy hooves. This is combined with specific technical nutrients such as MSM, and chelated zinc for hoof integrity, with seaweed, rosehips and omega oils for fast results.

After 3 months of Clare feeding Sandy Foot Perfect, the farrier said that his hooves were in great shape and now able to be shod with a normal shoe, allowing Sandy to be turned out for the first time in several months. Clare told us  ‘the farrier has never been more pleased with Sandy’s feet and I am over the moon’. No wonder so many farriers recommend Foot Perfect when we hear successful stories like this!

If you have any questions regarding hoof care or the benefits of feeding or Foot Perfect Hoof Supplement, please contact the Equi-Clinic on 01363 775 115.

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