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Boswellia is growing in popularity in the equine world for many good reasons. It is known to have anti-inflammatory properties, thus supporting conditions of the joints, respiratory system and digestive system in horses. It is anti-microbial and also thought to support the equine immune system. It has always been a key ingredient of Think Sound, but its use in equine and pet products seems to be growing.

What is it?
Boswellia trees are moderate to large and grow in the dry mountainous regions of India, North Africa and the Middle East. There are several species but only a few contain the valuable extracts used in natural medicine. We use a human-grade, standardised Boswellia serrata extract also known as Indian olibanum or Indian Frankincense.

How is it made?
Boswellia Extract is made from the gum resin within the tree. An incision is made in the trunk of the tree and the resin is collected by hand and hardened.

What is it for?
Boswellia is one of the most ancient and valued herbs in Ayurveda, with a history of use dating back several millennia! Modern science has identified a number of biological actions making it a sort after natural ingredient.
– A natural anti-inflammatory: Boswellic acids have been shown to inhibit the enzymes which are responsible for inflammation.
– Joint protection – glycos-amino-glycans (such as glucosamine and chondroitin) are essential nutrients within joints. Boswellia has been shown to reduce GAG degradation due to age or arthritic conditions. Thus, it could support joint health, as well as providing anti-inflammatory benefits.
– Boswellic Acid can support asthma and colitis sufferers by reducing the production of leukotrienes, specific chemicals released by white blood cells which exacerbate the condition.

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Think Sound is a high specification joint supplement, providing key nutrients that have been specially selected for their quality and efficient absorption rates. These nutrients work in synergy to maintain healthy joints by supporting the recovery process. Think Sound can be fed as an insurance measure for the younger horse or to support veteran horses showing signs of stiffness.

Think Sound also includes important antioxidants extracted from fruits and berries to neutralise the presence of free radicals. Boswellia complements the formula by optimising the body’s ability to remove excess fluid accumulated around stiff joints. Chelated manganese, an essential building block for collagen synthesis, with copper proteinate are essential for long-term support and joint development in young horses.


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