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Flies can cause no end of stress to our horses over the summer months and finding a reliable solution can be a real God send. Over the years we have received endless feedback from customer who have found a practical solution with our Think Fly Granules. Here are some of the reasons why your horse will love this addition to his diet.

1. Protection from flies and midges
Less stressed and more comfortable horses are more likely to develop and perform to their optimal potential. This nutritional fly deterrent works naturally through your horses system to provide 24-hour comfort from fly nuisance.

2. Fuss Free

Just add to your horses feed and he will do the rest! No topical treatments, no scary sprays, no stinky ointments, applicators or special cleaning techniques required.

3. Eco-Friendly
Think Fly is made from natural plants and herbs, organic minerals and essential proteins. There are no harsh chemicals to damage the environment, no drums to dispose of in special pits and no chemical residues.

4. High Performance

Think Fly is a natural, high-powered supplement that can help balance diets that are low in key nutrients. Our unique Devon bank herbs put traditional herbs back into the modern horses diet. Essential trace elements including zinc help support healthy skin and coat condition.

5. Purse Friendly
Think Fly is on special offer until the end of May at brinicombe-equine.co.uk. With 15% off all sizes, why not stock up for the summer? Or if you are new to the product and considering Think Fly as an option, our 4kg tub is only £29.53 with this months offer.


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