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At first glance, Think Pink and Think Complete seem to be similar products. They both contain a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals, but this is where the similarity ends between our feed balancer and complete mineral supplement. There are several occasions when one is more suitable than the other….

If optimum levels of vitamins and minerals are your priority, choose Think Complete.

This is our highest specification vitamin and mineral supplement, fully fortified with vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Many of the trace elements are chelated, where by the element, such as zinc is combined with an organic element such as an amino acid (zinc-methionine). Chelation helps the body to absorb and utilize the trace elements more efficiently.  Think Complete is ideal for providing horses on a forage or straights based diet with balanced vitamins and minerals and when demand for vitamins and minerals is increased, such as pregnancy and growth.

Looking for a concentrated feed balancer? Choose Think Pink.

This is a great alternative to the traditional feed balancer. It will balance the diet, ensuring that your horse is getting a good balance of all the essential vitamins and minerals, plus it contains ingredients to promote digestion and a healthy gut. The live yeast helps to promote condition, while the oil content creates a shiny coat. Think Pink helps your horse to get more out of the food he is eating.

If you have Competition Horse, choose Think Pink

Horses in hard work, leading stressful lives where there is plenty of travelling and little time to relax in the field will often benefit from Think Pink. The specially selected live yeast acts as a digestibility enhancer, helping to maintain a healthy gut environment and promote the natural gut bacteria. Continuous stress can have an adverse effect on the gut and a high starch diet needed for performance may lead to acidosis. Think Pink helps to keep the gut in balance, so that it remains comfortable and settled. This helps to encourage appetite in fit horses and maintain an even temperament throughout the competition season.

If you have a Good Doer, choose Think Complete.

Overweight horses who seem to gain weight on fresh air will do better on Think Complete. Firstly, their very restricted diet consisting of limited hard feed and the ‘starvation paddock’ will provide very low levels of vitamins and minerals. They may appear to do well off nothing, but if you are asking the horse to work it is only fair to ensure he is getting adequate nutrients for health and vitality. Vitamins and minerals also help to ensure a healthy immune system, healthy skin etc.   As Think Pink contains digestive enhancers, which help the horse to digest food even more efficiently, it is probably best avoided. – If he lives off fresh air, his digestive system is doing just fine, without any extra help!

Need a little Pick me up? Choose Think Pink.

Think Pink is a great supplement to feed for a short term pick me up. Perhaps the horse has been ill, off colour, received anti-biotics or is generally finding life a little hard. The double feeding rate for a month to 6 weeks will top up the vitamin and mineral levels, improve nutrient absorption and help get the horse back on track.

When not to feed Think Pink & Think Complete…

These two supplements should never be fed together, or in conjunction with any other general purpose supplement or feed balancer. Vitamins and minerals need to be fed at the correct amount, and in the correct ratios for optimum health. More of the same is not always better. However, they do work very well when fed with other unrelated products, such as Think Fly, Think Sound etc. If you are not sure which products are safe to combine, please speak to our feed advisors.

Think Complete is best for:

Good doers, broodmares, youngstock, horses on forage based diets, those receiving straights, when on low levels of commercially prepared horse feeds

Think Pink is best for:

Horses which lack condition, those under stress, competition horses, symptoms of a poor digestive system,(diarrhea etc) show horses, following antibiotics or illness, symptoms of poor absorption.


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