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“My Welsh cob, Llanfyllin Casper developed sweet itch after being gelded, having previously owned a cob with sweet itch I knew what lay ahead and couldn’t bare the thought of having to wash greasy products out of Casper’s mane and tail every time we went showing.”

“So I looked into feed supplements, after looking at all products that seemed to help sweet itch it turned out Brinicombe Think Itch had them all, plus other good stuff! I started Casper on it February 2015 and that summer he was less itchy, I always kept a sweet itch rug on him though 24/7.”

“That winter I stopped Think Itch and due to the mild weather Casper scratched his mane very badly and had to have a steroid injection as he was so itchy. Needless to say I started the Think Itch again.”

“We had a good year during 2016 and could even risk leaving Casper in the stable unrugged, as he just wasn’t itchy, he seemed so much more relaxed. Kept up the Think Itch during the winter, just reduced it a bit.”

“This year has been great!! No itching and we have been out competing regularly and doing very well, 3rd Glanusk stallion show, 2nd NPS area 29, 2nd WPCS performance show, 2nd Brecon & Borders show. Then the big one The Royal Welsh!!! In a class of over 40 Welsh cob geldings we got 2nd!!! And that wasn’t all we got 3rd in hand welsh cob gelding and a 6th in the very competitive Welsh cob HOYS Qualifier.”

“So those that think that you cannot show to a high level with a horse with sweet itch you can, you just need the right management and supplements. Casper wears a sweet itch rug when turned out and is fed a high fibre, low starch, no molasses diet with Brinicombe Think Itch in his feed twice a day.”

Think Itch testimonial from Melanie Obrien


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